Arcanum cleanup

In a recent message to all role-players everywhere, Wizards of the Coast has announced that they are taking focused and concerted efforts towards removing the questionable content from their material, including providing some updates to the way the various races and monsters are handled, described, and even created as characters. You can read about this …
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Charity drive II

The good people at DriveThruRPG will soon be running another charity drive; this one is for Black Lives Matter. I will again be participating in this as this is a very, very timely and necessary cause to support. The world (most especially my beloved America) is descending into chaos. Our elected leader is not leading; …
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Charity bundle

The bundle that Arcanum can be found in is the one that benefits Doctors Without Borders. You can find the bundle here. If you want a PDF of the book, now is a great time to get it!

Charity drive

The good people at One Book Shelf (the people behind DriveThu RPG and Dungeon Masters Guild) run an annual D&D sale every May. This year, based on the current global climate, they have decided to skip this event and replace it with a charity sale instead. This is the email I received: Dear DriveThru / OBS publishers, Due to …
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