Following Arcanum

Follow-up books for Arcanum are well underway!

  • Arcanum: Advanced: Advanced is a collection of rules and ideas that I wanted to develop while I was putting the 30th Anniversary Edition together. However, they tended to fall outside the scope of what was to be an anniversary edition. I put those ideas aside and told myself they would go into a follow-up book. This is that book. It includes new professions, new skills, an advanced combat system, new spells, an analysis of every concoction that can be made within the game, new animals, and some real surprises!
  • Arcanum: Bestiary Expanded: Bestiary Expanded is a collection of creatures. Animals I have put into the Advanced book, everything else is going in here.
  • Umbragia: Realms of Shadow: the Umbragia campaign setting, the Ennie Award nominated setting I originally published for the d20 System way back when, will be making its Arcanum debut!
  • Dimensional Dilemma: my son loves Arcanum. He is writing his own campaign setting for Arcanum and it will be coming out in the not-so-distant future.