The current release of the PDF (including the SRD files) is Release 1.3; the current release of the printed book is Release 1.1.

System Reference Document (SRD)

Here you can find links to the System Reference Document (SRD); it is in two files:

>> Release 1.3: Arcanum (SRD)

>> Release 1.3: Arcanum (SRD Bestiary)


Everyone makes mistakes; including me. The errata is in one file, and a PDF of page 361 is in another (1):

>> Release 1.3: no known errata at this time

>> Release 1.1: Errata (from 11 April 2019)

>> Release 1.1, p. 361: PDF File (from 05 April 2019)

Print and PDF

The PDF and the print-on-demand (POD) copies of the book can be found at DriveThruRPG.

>> DriveThruRPG: Arcanum


The following forms are provided for your convenience:

>> Character Record Sheet



(1) Page 361 of Release 1.1 has a PDF rendering error making part of the page unreadable. The PDF provided here is what that page should have looked like.

(2) Release 1.2 was only ever made as a PDF. If you have a copy of that PDF, it is highly recommended that you download a copy of Release 1.3; Errata will no longer be maintained for Release 1.2.