The first section of creatures in the bestiary, following the animals section, is Beasts. Beasts encompass everything that does not fall into one of the other categories (e.g., elemental, lychanthrope, undead). In other words, the category Beast is equivalent to Miscellaneous.

Beasts are, however, fun! They just take a little time to ensure that they capture the feel and fit their description. My format for non-animal creatures means that I can fit about four critters per page. As such, Beasts (which had about 32 critters in it) will encompass about 8 pages.

Below you will see a small sample — the first two pages of beasts — to see how this format looks. Thus far, these are the only two pages of non-animal critters I have completed. I have some pages (some critters…) that are partially completed, but most of those are not in the Beast section. Keep in mind that this is a draft; these creatures will all need some editing and adjustment prior to publication.


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