Charity drive

The good people at One Book Shelf (the people behind DriveThu RPG and Dungeon Masters Guild) run an annual D&D sale every May. This year, based on the current global climate, they have decided to skip this event and replace it with a charity sale instead. This is the email I received:

Dear DriveThru / OBS publishers,

Due to the pandemic affecting us all, in lieu of our annual month-long "May D&D Sale," this year we will offer three bundles, each supporting a unique charity, to help with emergency relief.

  • Doctors Without Borders
  • No Kid Hungry
  • World Food Program

These charity bundles will be made available to customers for a span of two weeks in mid-May. With this sign-up, you have the opportunity to volunteer one (1) title from your catalog that you would be willing to offer for charity.

All proceeds from the sale of your submitted title will go to charity. Neither you nor OneBookShelf will keep any proceeds from the sale of the titles in these charity bundles.

NOTE: The response deadline for this form is midnight, Friday, May 1st.

Sign-Up Form:

I have decided to throw my (admittedly small) hat into the ring. During this two-week span in mid-May, my book — Arcanum: 30th Anniversary Edition — will be a part of the bundles offered. So, if you want a copy of this book, please hold off until mid-May and order it then.