Community failing

A while back, I launched the ZiLa Games Community. This message board system was put in place with the idea of replacing the lost discussion capability of Facebook and the like when I retreated from that platform. At first, it was wonderful! A user started posting about his ideas for a setting and the like. I had high hopes.

Over an amazingly short period of time, however, it degraded. Almost all of the time I spend on the Community page now is spent deleting spam posts and banning spammers. That is literally all I do there.

I am giving the Community until the end of May to improve. I have made some adjustments to the settings and the like. If I cannot begin to enjoy this platform... if I am not seeing others enjoying it... then I will be taking it down and declaring this experiment a failure.

So why am I posting this (other than to announce the deadline)? If you like Arcanum and want to support what I am doing here with ZiLa Games, then go over to the Community and start up a discussion. Be active. Be a part of this. If you are not so inclined, then don't worry about it.

Thanks for reading.