The world is a strange place right now. Every single country in the world is trying desperately to deal with the impacts of a global pandemic. As governments, companies, and average citizens try to figure out how to make the new normal that has been thrust upon them work, we find that the most basic necessity of all is taken from us: human contact.

We must, if we are to get through this, isolate ourselves from one another. But we happen to live in a golden age of technology! As a result, even though we need to ensure that we have as little physical contact as possible, we can still see each other over video chat, call each other on cellular phones, email one another and share jokes, memes, or our feelings. We can maintain our humanity.

All I wanted to say when I started typing this is:

Be careful.

Stay healthy.

Remain calm.

Reach out.

There are people who will find it difficult to find humanity in this sea of aloneness. Reach out to them. Donate to a good cause (e.g., Red Cross, Planned Parenthood, etc.). Be the humanity you seek in others. We are all in this together.