Custom dice & bag


I still have several sets of custom dice and the custom dice bag that was produced for the Arcanum 30th Anniversary Edition Kickstarter campaign. If you are interested, I am selling a complete set of these items for $40. If you would like one of these, please email me. Here is a side and top view of the beautiful custom dice bag:

This is a picture of the 10-piece custom dice set that comes in this package:

As you can see, the dice are black with red numbers. A standard d6 (with numbers) is included, as are three custom d6s with pentagrams on the '6' side. I have a limited number of these sets available, so if you want a custom dice bag and custom dice... contact me soon!

Please include your shipping address as well as the email address I can use to send you the money request via PayPal. Thanks in advance.