Errata v1.3 updated

The errata sheet for release 1.3 has been updated. You can download this document here.

The changes to this sheet are entirely reporting some clarifications in the Arcanum SRD document; nothing in the Arcanum primary document or printed books is impacted.

The issues were reported to me by someone that was, up until now, using the Arcanum SRD exclusively to play the game. And that, I think, it great!

What was reported was this:

The Sorcerer, Witch, and Wizard have a listing for their spell-casting ability that includes a school of magic, then has the phrase "plus one other."

In the primary document and the printed books, this is perfectly fine because the first paragraph that describes each of these professions tells you what the options are for this "one other" magical college. Unfortunately, the Arcanum SRD document does not have this paragraph, leaving someone who is exclusively using this document to play the game a bit confused as to what this one other magical college can or should be.

The errata makes it clear that two lines of text need to be added to the special abilities section after this line to clarify what those schools of magic can be. The errata reads:

p. 15 Under Sorcerer Special Abilities, after the “Spell-casting (Sorcery, plus one other)” line, add the following lines of text:

- Dark Sorcerer (plus Black Magic)
- Light Sorcerer (plus Enchantment)

p. 16 Under Witch Special Abilities, after the “Spell-casting (Elemental Magic, plus one other)” line, add the following lines of text:

- Black Witch (plus Black Magic)
- White Witch (plus Enchantment)

p. 17 Under Wizard Special Abilities, after the “Spell-casting (High Magic, and one other)” line, add the following lines of text:

- Dark Wizard (plus Black Magic)
- Light Wizard (plus Enchantment)

In addition, I looked at the similar phrasing in the Arcanum SRD's listing for the Mage, and decided to add the following note to the errata document as well:

p. 12 Under Mage Special Abilities, change the Spell-casting line to read:

Spell-casting (Astrology, plus one other—see below)

The only thing that changes here is the addition of the "—see below" to the line. This I added because I wanted to make it clear that the sections that were below this stat block were to be added to the baseline Mage template.

I think this clarifies the situation a bit.

Please note that I am not going to update the errata sheets for v1.1 and v1.2 with this information. As the SRD is a living, free document... I feel that limiting the errata to the current version of the document is the cleanest way to go. In other words, when/if release 1.4 comes along and I replace the Arcanum SRD document on this site, the information dealing with the SRD will be removed from the v1.3 errata sheet, as this will no longer be relevant.