Updated errata

Today, 09 April 2019, I have updated the two errata sheets (for releases 1.1 and 1.2) to include two new pieces of errata. One is an interesting copy/paste error in the description of Deer in the Bestiary chapter; the other is a rather glaring mistake I made and I am a bit embarrassed about:

In the description for Gnomes, under Small Creatures, it states:

"Any to-hit roll made against a small foe is made at a -2 penalty. Any to-hit roll made by a small combatant is made at a +2 bonus. As a result, two small foes fighting one another have these modifiers cancel out."

There was supposed to be a note in Chapter 3 under the Combat System that indicated that the penalties or bonuses to hit a creature that is not medium-sized are inverted for their own attacks.

In other words, on page 99 where it states that attacking a gigantic creature affords the attacker a +4 bonus on the to-hit roll, that same gigantic creature would be suffering a penalty of -4 on its to-hit rolls. To paraphrase the Gnome's text above, two gigantic foes fighting one another have these modifiers cancel out.

I had very little room on page 99 to include this rule, but I managed to squeeze it in as a footnote to the Situational Modifiers table. This will be available when release 1.3 comes out.

I am so sorry that I am just now discovering this omission.