The Kickstarter campaigns I am backing are listed below.

THE ICE KINGDOMS — The Ice Kingdoms is a fantasy setting primarily designed for old school RPGs similar in style to the ones published in the 70s, 80s, and 90s known by a catchy title involving dragons and dungeons and such. To that end they are creating a series of setting books that have stats and rules compatible to the games currently in production to retro-clone these older games now gone out of print. Such new games include OSRIC, Labyrinth Lord, Basic Fantasy RPG, For Gold and Glory and others. However they are also planning on versions compatible with the Third and Fifth Edition of the world’s most popular Role Playing Game as well as Pathfinder.

WORLDOGRAPHER — It is hard to believe, but Hexographer is 7 years old! This project will help take the tool to the next level! Here is what we can do with a new version (not all of this is in the demo version yet): a new architecture allows us to have undo/redo functionality; better “child maps.” Create a world map and from that same map create a continent level map as well as a kingdom level map. It will remain one file so most changes to one level map will be reflected in the others; hexographer’s rather simple “note” functionality can expand to allow you to detail each location as well as things about your world not tied to a location: religions, cultures, important NPCs, etc. It becomes an interactive Gazetteer; etc. etc. etc.

FALLEN LAND — Can you survive the aftermath of a nuclear and biological apocalypse? You are the leader of a faction of survivors competing against others for primacy. Assemble your party, assign your equipment and set out to explore the wastes, claim resources and actualize your agenda. Build and manage your town to protect your citizens and resources. You will have to make and break treaties to endure, amidst a myriad of bribery, betrayal and hubris by the other players. Fallen Land is set in the ruinous aftermath of post-apocalyptic America and is a thematic board game for 2-5 players. Featuring sandbox style game play, it combines the elements of a strategy board game with card building and role-playing. Driven by macabre stories of a world gone mad, players must adapt to the ever-changing variables: the cards, stories, interactions and threats. Fallen Land: A Post Apocalyptic Board Game is the first of several upcoming releases for Fallen Dominion Studios.

XIA: EMBERS OF A FORSAKEN STAR — expansion to a great board game.

TAK: A BEAUTIFUL GAME — Tak is a new 2-player strategy game invented by James Ernest and Patrick Rothfuss. It was introduced in Patrick Rothfuss’ book The Wise Man’s Fear, Day 2 of the Kingkiller Chronicle. Tak is a pure abstract game in the same family as chess, go, and mancala. The was to design a new game with a sense of history; a beautiful game with simple rules and deep strategy.