The Giants section of the Bestiary chapter is done. Now working on Outsiders.

If you are keeping score, this means the Bestiary chapter currently has:

  • Animals (150 individual creatures, plus rules for vermin and swarms)
  • Beasts (22 individual creatures, plus 5 templates that can be attached to any animal or beast, resulting in another 172-860 potential encounters, depending upon how many of those templates are applied)
  • Constructs (9 individual creatures)
  • Elementals (8 individual creatures)
  • Giants (14 individual creatures)
  • Humanoids (10 individual creatures, plus rules for Lycanthropy allowing for dozens of potential were-forms with the condition treated as a curse, a disease, and more…)

This means that the Bestiary chapter currently contains 213 individual entries… and templates that can easily push the number of potential encounters to well over 1,000.

What is left is:

  • Outsiders (two separate sections: Angels and Sentinels from the upper planes; Demons and Devils from the lower planes)
  • Undead (from templates for skeletal and zombified remains, to the willful corporeal and incorporeal undead that populate the nightmares of the mortal races)
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