Proof Copy Shipped!

Proof Copy Shipped!

This is the e-mail I received (some links and information redacted):

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Kickstarters Page

Kickstarters Page

I have added a new page for the Kickstarter campaigns I am backing.

One of the reasons  I have added this page is for THE ICE KINGDOMS. This is a campaign setting that takes a Viking mindset and places it into a Robert E. Howard-esque world of adventure. The campaign world looks awesome, and the artwork is truly invoking of an old-school RPG feel. Truly looking forward to this.

As a game designer that plans to use Kickstarter, I think it is important to show that I am also a customer that supports Kickstarter campaigns. And the campaigns I support… if you are so inclined… I invite you to support as well. Please feel free to e-mail me with other campaigns in which you think I might be interested.

Arcanum Cover

Arcanum Cover

I am toying with a new cover idea… much simpler, cleaner… will post when I get a chance to look at the proof copy… which has it.

I am thinking an understated cover might be best… 🙂

Arcanum Proof Copy Ordered

Arcanum Proof Copy Ordered

Just ordered a Proof Copy of the Arcanum. Granted, once Mr. Gunderson completes his editing of the material, and Mr. Hill completes the new artwork I will incorporate that into my files, upload those and… when we are done, order a new Proof Copy.

This first one is to check on some of the original artwork and how it will look (i.e., is the resolution good, are the picture adjustments looking the way I want); it is for my own ability to edit the material; and it is for something to show a few friends to prove that progress is being made. 🙂

If this proof is as good as I hope… the Kickstarter will begin not long after I receive it.

Arcanum Status

Arcanum Status

The text of the book, including the bestiary chapter, is complete.

  • I have an editor going through the book (e.g., check for errors, typos, inconsistencies)
  • I have an artist working to replace the place-holder artwork used in several places (I put in public domain artwork in some places to aid in page layout).
  • I am working on the appendices (e.g., charts, forms, designer’s notes, etc.) to bring the book to a state of well-roundness and completeness.

All of this means that the Kickstarter will be coming very soon. As soon as I am two weeks away from launch… I will begin a countdown.