SRD formatting

So... I received a message from an individual (Geoffrey Elder) indicating he had some issues reading the PDF of the Arcanum (some tables were overlapping other text). This was something that cropped up in the original release — something I am quite embarrassed about — but was corrected, so I expressed this. He also was asking about the text "Use <magic school> and one other."

All of this was a bit confusing...

Until it dawned on me that he was not talking about the primary document for the Arcanum... he was talking about the Arcanum SRD. It turns out that three tables in the SRD were overlapping text on three pages. This has since been corrected, and the updated file is available on this site. If you have the Arcanum SRD and would like to have this issue corrected, please download a fresh copy.

Edit (12/14/2019)another table was discovered in the SRD that was causing issues. This has also been corrected.

Since no data changed, this is still considered Release 1.3.

However, there is the matter of that phrase "Use <magic school> and one other" he was talking about. Once I made the connection to the Arcanum SRD, this also became clear. Here is the issue:

The professions in the SRD have the data card (i.e., the table that displays the name of the profession, the minimum attributes needed, the special abilities, and skills). Wizard (p.17), for example, looks like this:

Note the highlighted phrase: "Spell-casting (High Magic, plus one other)"

This is the same as how it looks in the Arcanum primary PDF and book. The difference is that, in the primary document, the descriptive text for the profession is included (it is not in the Arcanum SRD document). So, in the primary document, the reader gets to see this...

"Wizards are dual-classed spell-casters and practitioners of the more traditional forms of ritual magic. Their primary field of study is High Magic and they may choose either Enchantment or Black Magic as their secondary field. Like Sorcerers, non-Wizards often apply a prefix to the profession (Dark or Light) depending upon the nature of the Wizard in question."

This is just the first paragraph; there is more. But this first paragraph informs the reader that the "plus one other" text is referring to a choice between a Dark Wizard (Black Magic), or a Light Wizard (Enchantment).

So what does this mean?

It means that when the Arcanum is updated to Release 1.4, I will have updated the SRD so that the special abilities section includes the options for spell college a player has when selecting that profession. I am going to go through the text of the primary document and see if I can find any other issues (I have been playing quite a bit of Arcanum this year, and thus far have not found anything of note) — I really, really want to keep the releases of the Arcanum primary documents and the Arcanum SRD documents in sync with one another.

Thanks for understanding!